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Author Spotlight: Kelly Harmon (Part 1)

Today's Author Spotlight is on Kelly Harmon.   You can find part 2 of Kelly's interview here.

Kelly's newest novella is entitled Blood Soup.  Blood soup won the Fantasy Gazetteers Novella contest and is published by Eternal Press.  It was written in 72 hours as a part of a 3 day writing contest.

King Theodicar of Borgund needed an heir. When his wife, Queen Piacenza, became pregnant, he’d hoped for a boy. His wife, along with her nurse, Salvagia, had other plans. With each cast of the runes, Salvagia’s trusted divination tools yielded the same message: “A girl child must rule or the kingdom will fall to ruin.” As such, the women were convinced that the child would be a girl.

When the queen finally gives birth, the nurse and the king are equally surprised. The king is faced with a terrible choice, and his decision will determine the fate of his kingdom. Will he choose wisely, or will he doom Borgund to ruin?

Kelly said that she didn't plan to write something publishable when she started the writing contest.

"I entered the contest just to be a good friend," Kelly said.  "A writer friend asked her to keep me company.  I figured that when I was done, I would trunk whatever I worked on. " 

Kelly said that as she worked on the novella, she realized that it had potential. 

"As I worked on it, I realized how powerful a story it is.  So I pushed it ahead of my current work in progress to rewrite it and submit it for publication."

Kelly also has a short story entitled Selk-Skin Deep about a selkie (a Scottish fairy that can change into a seal) who works as a Navy SEAL in the forthcoming Bad Ass Fairies 3: In All Their Glory.  The story is an alternate history set in Viet Nam in which the protagonist, Cade Owen has been assigned duty on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin.

"I pitched a completely different story to the editors of the anthology," Kelly said.  "She came up with the idea for Selk-Skin Deep.  Who wouldn't pass up that challenge?"

Kelly said that she enjoys writing fantasy and science fiction for the escapism. 

"There's something appealing to me about the possiblity of magic and the liklihoo fo meeting some fantastic creature.  Fantasy is like bedtime stories for adults. Science fiction is about extremes.  I enjoy playing the "what if" game and extrapolating it to the nth degree."

When she's writing, Kelly said that the music changes depending on the draft she is working on.

"When I write, I like heavy, driving music like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden.  The pounding beat keeps my fingers flying across the keyboard.  I like instrumental music when I'm editing.  Usually it's new age stuff like Enya because I do a lot of reading out loud and I don't want to compete with the song lyrics. "

For beginning writers, Kelly said that a critique group is invaluable. 

"Writing is such as solitary endeavor.  Finding a critique group, or starting one, will do more than just make your writing better.  You'll also find a support group for those highs and lows. 


Apr. 30th, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
Hi Jaletac...sorry for the delayed response...yesterday started off with a boom! Today, things are much calmer.

Thanks for the kind words about Blood Soup! If you need a little fix before it bubbles to the top of your TBR pile, wander over to scribd for the first two chapters:


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